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Community Asset Transfer in England

Standard Coming Soon book coverCommunity Asset Transfer in England  evaluates whether Community Asset Transfer (CAT), a mechanism for disposing of public property assets by selling, leasing or giving them to community organisations at less than market value, has any effect in reducing place-based inequalities. CATs are set into the context of both theory and policy. Theoretical frameworks used to analyse the transfers include capability approaches and notions of social capital and social innovation. CATs are also considered in relation to other forms of community-led and asset-based development, as they can be seen as part of a historical continuum of social programmes and initiatives aimed at reducing poverty and regenerating deprived neighbourhoods.

Author: Dr Amanda Briggs works with the University of Manchester, UK, and is a director of a consulting and business services company. 

Title: Community Asset Transfer in England
Subtitle: Enabling innovation for social change, or perpetuating inequalities?
Classification: Equality Diversity Inclusion, Society and Culture, Politics and the Public Sector
Binding: Hardback, pp. (to be confirmed)
Planned Publication date: January 2022
Price: £59.99
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