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Climate Change is the most important ethical problem humanity is facing right now. We are in the process of harming the Earth in ways that will diminish the quality of life for many future generations. Our old human-centrism, our national tribalism, and our short-term perspectives must give way to new ways of thinking that give moral standing to other animals, and that take global and long-term perspectives. In the year 3000, humankind will look back to the present century, which dramatically altered the planet’s climate and ecosystems. Will they curse us as destroyers of the earthly paradise humankind enjoyed until now? To avoid this, we need to change our approach to ethics, economics, sustainability, politics, and law.

Earthling: A New Ethics for the Anthropocene  addresses sustainability, economics, politics, and law as important factors in climate ethics. It aims to both help with understanding these issues, and present potential solutions for the problem. 

Author: Dean Walraff is an Attorney, and is Executive Director of Advocates for the Environment, Sunland, California, USA

Title: Earthling
Subtitle: A New Ethics for the Anthropocene
Classification: Climate Change: Law and Justice
Binding: Hardback, pp. (to be confirmed)
Planned Publication date: December 2022
Price: £59.99
ISBN (printed book): to be confirmed
ISBN (web pdf): to be confirmed
ISBN (e-pub): to be confirmed
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