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Dilemmas from the Field

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Dilemmas from the Field presents a collection of real ethical dilemmas, as experienced by middle and high-level executives of different types of organizations engaged in Executive MBA programs of study. 

Readers will be exposed to situations and events that shook the moral grounds of decision-makers, the decisions they made to solve their quandaries, and the factors that influenced their final decisions. The book is grouped into three main sections. The first is the introduction, and the several frameworks that exist to solve ethical dilemmas in business. The second presents resolved cases, and explores the morals, values and principles used in resolving them. The third section presents open ethical dilemma, cases that have not been resolved. These offer an ethical dilemma for the reader to address. Each chapter is accompanied by a foreword, discussion questions and concluding remarks.

Real-world ethical behaviour is not as easy as choosing between right or wrong; it depends on complex organizational, economic, socio-cultural, and personal issues and alternatives that executives face.

Editors: Dr Blanca Carmago is Professor, and Dr Luis Portales is Associate Professor in the Business School of the University of Monterrey, Mexico.

Title: Dilemmas from the Field
Subtitle: MBA Ethical Case Stories collection
Classification: Business and Management; Decision Making
Binding: Hardback, pp. (to be confirmed)
Planned Publication date: January 2023
Price: £59.99
ISBN (printed book): to be confirmed
ISBN (web pdf): to be confirmed
ISBN (e-pub): to be confirmed
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