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Ethics of Inclusion

Ethics of InclusionEthics of Inclusion  offers a comparative approach to understand the most contemporary responsibility challenges of our time. The book will outline the idea of fairness and social justice from an ethics perspective in our post-pandemic era.  Most recent law and economics developments will be discussed by the practical ethical dilemmas arising in (1) Healthcare, (2) Economics & Finance, (3) Education, (4) Digitalization and the (5) Environment in order to envision a transition to a more inclusive society.

Author: Dr. Julia M. Puaschunder is a post-doctoral researcher at The New School, Department of Economics, in New York, USA.

Title: Ethics of Inclusion
Subtitle: The cases of Health, Economics, Education, Digitalization and the Environment in the post-COVID-19 Era
Classification: Equality Diversity Inclusion; COVID 19; Education
Binding: Hardback, pp. (to be confirmed)
Planned Publication date: April 2022
Price: to be confirmed
ISBN (printed book): to be confirmed
ISBN (web pdf): to be confirmed
ISBN (e-pub): to be confirmed
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