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Ethical Integrative Counselling Practice

Ethical_Integrative_Counselling_PracticeCounselling professionals are increasingly becoming integrative practitioners, either due to the increasing popularity of integrative courses or as a result of continuing professional development whereby therapists learn about different modalities.  Nonetheless, there is continuing confusion and anxiety around what is integrative practice and how this can be undertaken ethically and effectively.  Ethical Integrative Counselling Practice  explores the ethical dimensions to practising integrative counselling and psychotherapy.  Integrative theoretical models and practical interventions are explored in order to shed light upon ethical integrative counselling practice.  Interesting case studies and stories are presented to engage the reader creatively in understanding ethical issues and dilemmas.

Authors: Dr Basia Spalek is Visiting Professor at the University of Derby, UK. Dr Robina Zafar is a tutor at the Banbury Counselling Academy, UK.

Title: Ethical Integrative Counselling Practice
Classification: Counselling: Psychology
Binding: Hardback, pp. (to be confirmed)
Planned Publication date: September 2023
Price: to be confirmed
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ISBN (e-pub): to be confirmed
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