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Humane Alternatives to the Psychiatric Model: Volume 2 of The Ethics International Press Critical Psychology and Critical Psychiatry Series

Humane Alternatives to the Psychiatric Model,  the second in the Ethics International Press Critical Psychology and Critical Psychiatry  series, explores a range of alternative models, frameworks and practices relating to mental health. Contributions include explorations of colonial mental health paradigms; case stories from the Australian Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islands, and Rwandan communities; and issues relating to mental illness and wellness in both ageing, and childhood.

Understanding the current systems of psychology and psychiatry is profoundly important. So is exploring alternatives. The Critical Psychology Series presents solicited chapters from international experts. This is a series for mental health researchers, teachers, and practitioners, and also for anyone trying to make sense of anxiety, depression, and emotional difficulties.

Editors: Dr Eric Maisel is a former family therapist, based in California, USA, who works actively as a Creativity Coach. He is the author of many books on creativity, psychology, and mental health. Dr Chuck Ruby is a psychologist and former US Air Force veteran, with many published works in therapy and social issues.

Title: Humane Alternatives to the Psychiatric Model
Subtitle: Volume 2 of The Ethics International Press Critical Psychology and Critical Psychiatry Series
Subject Classification: Psychology, Society and Culture
BIC Classification: JM, MMH, JF
Binding: Hardback, pp. (to be confirmed)
Planned Publication date: May 2022
ISBN (printed book): 978-1-871891-71-3
ISBN (ebook): 978-1-871891-72-0

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