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Environmental Ethics Re-Visited: Teaching Ethics Vol.4

Environmental Ethics Re-visited (a Supplement to “Environmental Ethics” in the “Teaching Ethics” book series) carries three leading chapters by Spanish authors, Professors Francesc Torralba on “Eco-Ethics” and Miquel Seguró on “Nature and Business Ethics,” as well as a chapter by Dr Rosamund Thomas. Her chapter includes an update to 2014 of the situation regarding the toxic waste at the abandoned Bhopal factory site and the environmental and health problems it is continuing to cause.

Title: Environmental Ethics Re-visited
Editor: Rosamund M. Thomas, Ph.D., M.A. (Cantab)
Binding: Paperback
Published: 28th February 2014
Price: £39.99
ISBN (printed book): 978-1-871891-12-6
ISBN (ebook): 978-1-871891-18-8
(ebook now available from Proquest and EBSCO in the USA)

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