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Advancing Responsible Leadership: Practical Wisdom for a More Human World

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Title: Advancing Responsible Leadership
Subtitle: Practical Wisdom for a More Human World
Subject Classification: Business and Management, Sustainability, Decision Making 
BIC Classification: KJMB, KJG, KJ
BISAC Classification: BUS071000, BUS008000, BUS072000
Binding: Hardback, pp.(to be confirmed)
Planned Publication date: November 2024
ISBN (printed book): 978-1-80441-334-0
ISBN (web pdf): 978-1-80441-335-7

Price: £87.99

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Humanity faces multitude of existential crises which call for bold, wise, and practical leadership. Much has been written about the nature and effectiveness of leadership, including responsible leadership, over the last several decades. While these advancements have enhanced our overall understanding of leadership dynamics in contemporary settings, the emergent knowledge base remains fragmented, not sufficiently audacious, and not easily accessible in an integrated fashion.

This book integrates this leadership wisdom using the Responsible Leadership (RL) lens. In doing so, it draws on scientific and practice-based evidence to provide a framework to aid and advance leadership theory, development, and practice. The book synthesizes key concepts, competencies, and examples of RL with the goal of informing leadership thinking and practice in bold and practical ways.


Author: S. Aqeel Tirmizi is Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour, Graduate School of Leadership & Change, Antioch University, USA.


This title is currently being reviewed. Please check back for further updates in due course. 

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