Your sales and royalty statement tells you how many copies of your book(s) were sold in the last period, and how much royalty is due to you.

This does not include copies sold to you/others at the author’s rate, promotional and review copies, etc. No royalty is payable on free or author-rate copies.

Royalties will be paid at the following rates;

  • Copies sold (in all formats) at 10% of Net Revenues
  • Any secondary rights, including translation rights, at 20% of Net Revenues

Where multiple authors are named, the Publisher will pay one Author who will be responsible for distributing the Royalties amongst the remaining Authors.

Royalty payments will not be made if the amount payable is below a threshold of £100. If your payment has not reached the threshold, it will be carried forward to the next period.

Royalties are only paid once each year.

Royalties are calculated as a percentage of the money we receive – not as a percentage of the list price of a book. These amounts will vary depending on sales channel. We receive the majority of revenues sold from our website, but other channels will deduct up to 50% of the price, and Amazon, more than 50%.The royalty is calculated on these net sale amounts we receive. Royalty amounts are set out in your publishing agreement.  

Please help us to pay you correctly, promptly, and efficiently. 

  • We prefer to use PayPal as it is a simple and low-cost way to pay. You must tell us the email address associated with your PayPal account. If this changes, you must let us know. We will check with you before any payment is made. If we do not receive an answer, payment will be held over.
  • For bank transfer, send us your bank details (account name, number and sort code in the UK or SWIFT/IBAN details outside the UK) and state the currency of the account. Make sure the name you provide is the same as the name on the account, or a transfer will not be processed. We will pay our bank’s costs but not yours if there are currency or transaction fees. If your account details change, you must let us know. We will check with you before any payment is made. If we do not receive an answer, payment will be held over. 
  • We do not offer payment by cheque.
  • You may take books instead of cash, (your own books, or others) at 50% discount in lieu of royalties. If we owe you £100 in royalties, select books worth £200 from our website.  If the sums don’t work out exactly, round up in your favour. Let us know if this is what you would like to do. Books taken in lieu of royalties will be delivered free of postage charges.

We aim to provide a clear and transparent explanation of royalties. If any of this is not clear, please let us know at

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