Ethics International Press is always pleased to receive proposals for work derived from a PhD dissertation/thesis.

Please read and follow these short guidelines below, and remember that, in common with the rest of our publishing portfolio, Ethics International Press makes no charges to publish an adapted PhD dissertation.

Co-authorship - working with a co-author, such as a supervisor, can often help to enrich a PhD adaptation.

Title - please give your book a title that is clear and descriptive enough for a reader to get an accurate picture of what the book is about, simply by reading the title.

Introduction - you will almost certainly need an entirely new introduction, which may reference that the book has been adapted from a PhD. You should explain why this work has been adapted into a book, and what it contributes.

Abstract - a book needs an interesting and engaging description (‘blurb’) of approximately 100 words, that will make it discoverable in online searches, and make it appealing to readers. Don’t use the academic abstract.

Methodology - these sections of a thesis may need to be shortened and more integrated into a book. Please do not include material you may have listed in an appendix, covering eg lists of interviewees, lists of interview questions, interview dates, persons interviewed, extensive or complex data tables etc. 

Numbering - section numbering, which may be used in a thesis, should be removed from a book.

References - please take the opportunity to update your references as appropriate. Do not used ‘Accessed on <date>’ information in references.

Third party material and permissions - if you include third-party material, you will need to get written permission from the previous publisher or copyright holder before we can agree to publish. We cannot source permissions for you, or meet any fees arising.

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