Ethics International Press is always pleased to receive proposals for an edited collection selected from papers presented at, or submitted to, a conference.

Please read and follow the short guidelines below and remember that, in common with the rest of our publishing portfolio, Ethics International Press makes no charges to publish edited conference proceedings.

Selection - the most important job of an editor looking to incorporate papers presented at a conference into an edited collection, is selection. Normally, we do not publish full proceedings from a conference, and as such, we advise you to think carefully about the order of the papers (chapters).

Introduction - please create an introduction which explains what the collection is about, and briefly previews the selected chapters. You may, if you wish, reference that the collection consists of papers selected from those presented at the named conference.

Title - do not call your collection ‘proceedings of…’ etc. The title should represent the subject matter of the collection. The title will normally be different from the title of the conference. A title needs to be clear and descriptive enough for a reader to be able to get a clear picture of what the book is about.

Notification - please make sure that all of the authors selected for publication have been informed. If you can, please give the authors some brief feedback on why their paper was selected. All selected authors will be asked to sign a short publishing agreement.

Reference style - Please do take extra care with referencing. Double-check spacing, punctuation, spelling etc.

We do not specify a reference style, although the (name, date) style is most common in academic work, and is preferred. A consistent reference style throughout all of the chapters in an edited collection is recommended, although this is not a requirement.

Please do not use ‘Accessed on <date>’ in your online references.

Please do not use University library system references (example: as they will not be useable outside the University’s library system. This reference should be cited as: Please check and verify links in online references.

Any reference cited in the text must appear in the reference list. Items for further reading, not directly referenced in the text, should be noted as ‘further reading’ or similar.

Please do not ‘under-reference’. Direct quotations, particularly lengthy passages, must have a source quoted.

Third party material and permissions - if you include third-party material, you will need to get written permission from the previous publisher or copyright holder before we can agree to publish. We cannot source permissions for you, or meet any fees arising.

Author copies - Please note that we are not able to supply complimentary (free) copies of books to contributing chapter authors. We do not supply eBook copies to editors or chapter authors. We do not supply finished chapter PDFs to editors or chapter authors. Chapter authors are normally offered the same discount (40%) as editors and book authors, on the finished book.


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