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Philosophy of Ecology and Capitalism: The True New Green Deal

Title: Philosophy of Ecology and Capitalism
Subtitle: The True New Green Deal
Subject Classification: Economics and Finance, Philosophy, Sustainability 
BIC Classification: KC, HP, RNU
BISAC Classification: BUS023000, BUS072000, PHI005000
Binding: Hardback, ebook, pp.298
Publication date: 1st December 2023
ISBN (Hardback): 978-1-80441-338-8
ISBN (ebook): 978-1-80441-339-5

Price: £87.99

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There is a substantial body of work emerging currently, seeking to address the problems caused by the economic model that has dominated the world for the last several hundred years – not least the negative impacts on the environment and sustainable health of the biosphere. This book adds to that body of literature, and brings an interesting new set of ideas into play.

The author offers an approach to the philosophies and politics of nature based on a reinterpretation of the history of capitalism, in particular its concept of capital. It leads to a new anti-capitalist conception of the philosophy of ecology which takes into account at the same time history, ethics, politics, law and economics.

By linking philosophy, law, economics and management, this work seeks to go beyond the mono-disciplinary and purely theoretical approaches which often characterize works devoted to the philosophy of nature, or the philosophy of ecology. It proposes a concrete philosophical alternative to modern capitalism which leads to ecological co-management and care at all levels of society, including that of political bodies, and the reform of constitutions and parliaments.

In short, it is a book for a theory and a practice of environmental action in the broad sense within the framework of an institutional revolution passing in particular through the heart of the capitalist system.


Author: Dr Jacques Richard is Professor Emeritus of the University Paris Dauphine, France, and author of several books on ecological economics and accounting.


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