Dr Blanca Carmago is Professor, and Dr Luis Portales is Associate Professor in the Business School of the University of Monterrey, Mexico.


The Editors are looking to collect real ethical dilemmas, as experienced by middle and high-level executives, particularly drawn from Executive MBA programs of study. This encourages a merger of both current and real-world experience with academic presentational discipline.

Dilemmas from the Field is looking for both resolved cases, and the morals, values and principles used in resolving them, and open ethical dilemma, cases that have not been resolved.

Real-world ethical behaviour is not as easy as choosing between right or wrong; it depends on complex organizational, economic, socio-cultural, and personal issues and alternatives that executives face.

Chapter Guidelines

A Chapter will normally be between 3000 and 6000 words, but these are not strict word limits, and can be discussed with the Editor. They should be written in English, and presented to the Editor complete and free of spelling and grammar errors. Please see our Manuscript Submission Guidelines for more information.

Chapter Authors will be asked to sign a simple Contributor Agreement, and to warrant that a Chapter does not infringe any copyright or other rights, and that the Author holds the rights to publish the work.



To discuss or submit a Chapter for consideration in any of the Dilemmas from the Field, please contact admin@ethicspress.com in the first instance.

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