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A Journey Into the Albanian Communities in Italy: Echoes From a Merged Horizon

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Title: A Journey Into the Albanian Communities in Italy
Subtitle: Echoes From a Merged Horizon
Subject Classification: Community, History, Society and Culture, Humanities 
THEMA Classification: JBSL, CF, JBFH
BISAC Classification: 
SOC008000, LAN009000, SOC007000
 Hardback, pp.(to be confirmed)
Planned Publication date:
 September 2024
ISBN (printed book): 
ISBN (web pdf):

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In this book, Barbara G. Renzi provides a thought-provoking exploration of the ethical dimensions inherent in the Arbëreshë (Italians of Albanian origin) community in Italy. The book addresses the broader cultural dynamics of this unique community; offering a glimpse into the intimate world of the Arbëreshë through personal diary excerpts, highlighting the complexities of their dual identities and the challenges they face. A central theme is the Arbëreshë people's integration within Italian society, a journey characterized by obstacles and marked by resilience and aspiration.

The book adopts a multidimensional approach, discussing topics ranging from cultural assimilation to the ethical responsibility of preserving endangered languages. It explores the subtle pressures exerted by mainstream societies on their minority counterparts. Drawing from comprehensive interviews, historical archives, and keen observations, the author constructs a narrative that reverberates with contemporary debates on identity, ethics, and the interplay between the individual and collective ethos.

This unique work is an important resource for scholars, students, and anyone intrigued by the intricate relationship between personal identities and societal expectations.


Author: Dr. Barbara Gabriella Renzi teaches psychology at the Macromedia University, Leipzig and collaborates with the department of Romanistik in Trier and the Italian Cultural Institute in Trier, Germany.


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