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Amidst the Flow: Biographical Narratives, Social Trajectories, and Urban Itineraries of Crack Cocaine Users in São Paulo

Title: Amidst the Flow
Subtitle: Biographical Narratives, Social Trajectories, and Urban Itineraries of Crack Cocaine Users in São Paulo
Subject Classification: Society and Culture, Healthcare, Law and Legal Ethics, Equality Diversity Inclusion 
BIC Classification: DSK, DSBF, BGL
BISAC Classification: SOC026030, LAW118000, PSY038000
Binding: Hardback, ebook, pp.233
Planned Publication date: 11th April 2024
ISBN (Hardback): 978-1-80441-599-3
ISBN (ebook): 978-1-80441-600-6


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This book presents data and discusses the results of research conducted on crack cocaine consumption and other drug use in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, specifically in the area commonly referred to as "Cracolândia" ("Crackland"). This context is marked by high social vulnerability, rife with numerous inequalities, violence, and human rights violations. The work describes the living conditions of individuals in this setting, narrating their social trajectories, urban itineraries, motivations for substance use, perspectives, and life projects.

The book provokes a crucial debate concerning the iatrogenic effects resulting from prohibitionist-repressive "war on drugs" policies. It highlights potential alternative paths for formulating and implementing public policies and psychosocial interventions.

'Amidst the Flow' serves as a valuable resource for researchers and professionals in the fields of addiction studies, healthcare, sociology, law, and drug policy-making. It presents a compelling call for a paradigm shift in drug policies. 


Author: Richard Reichert holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, specializing in Psychopathology and Mental Health, as well as in Neuropsychology. He is a Researcher affiliated with the Doctoral Program in Psychobiology at the Federal University of São Paulo. He serves as a member of the Brazilian Multidisciplinary Association for Drug Studies and coordinates the Brazilian Network for Science and Education on Alcohol and Other Drug Use. He is the author of numerous books and articles on substance use and dependence. Additionally, he is actively involved in various social and collective movements advocating for public policies based on the principles of bioethics and human rights.


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