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Banking and Financial Systems: Catalysts of Social and Political Change

Title: Banking and Financial Systems
Subtitle: Catalysts of Social and Political Change
Subject Classification: Economics and Finance, Politics and Government, Society and Culture 
BIC Classification: KF, KFFK, JP 
THEMA Classification: KF, KFFK, JP, KC, JBSD, 1D
BISAC Classification: 
BUS069000, POL058000, SOC026030
 Hardback, ebook, pp.292
Publication date:
11th April 2024
ISBN (Hardback): 
ISBN (ebook):


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This book explores the intricate interconnections between states and banking and financial systems, examining how the dominance of banks influences global politics. It delves into the multifaceted impact of government regulations on business operations and the economy, emphasizing the crucial role of central banks in managing money supply and inflation. Positioned at the nexus of society, banks and financial institutions exert significant influence on various societal concerns and play vital roles in the global economy.

The book proposes that banks can drive social impact by focusing on areas such as their employees, customers, and the ripple effect created by their investments. It raises essential questions about whether the financial system's influence extends beyond shaping choices to impacting policy decisions, societal behaviors, and even opposition to state determinations. The work advocates for scholarly inquiries into the modern functions of states and financial institutions, addressing the pivotal actors shaping decisions within societies.

While referencing preceding research, the book establishes a novel typology of research, recognizing the need for further refinement and elaboration within this relatively scarce domain of study, aiming to contribute to a deeper understanding of the evolving dynamics between states and financial systems.


Author: Laura Guercio, PhD, is a Lawyer; Professor at the University Niccolò Cusano, Rome; and Secretary General of the Universities Network for Children in Armed Conflict.


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