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Medicine, Power, and the Law: Exploring a Pipeline to Injustice

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Medicine, Power, and the Law demonstrates that criminal and civil justice interact with medicine and public health more than is presently understood. The book focuses on the role of healthcare practitioners and an array of other professionals across industries in identifying wrongdoers, reporting behavior, and testifying on behalf of the state or government agencies. 

By reporting or testifying as experts, a range of people, from specialist pediatricians to flight attendants, can have a life-changing impact on individuals in the name of public health or medicine. People who work in hospitals, social work settings, and even airlines, often contribute to wrongful and aggressive criminal and civil actions against society’s most vulnerable people, including parents, older adults, and people living with poverty. 

The book explores a number of examples, including those who opt out of certain scientific discoveries, such as pharmaceuticals; those who engage in suboptimal but generally heretofore legal child-raising behaviors; and people opting to live independently as older adults. These can lead to civil and criminal charges when noticed by those in a position of power. 

Medicine, Power and the Law is an important contribution for researchers and practitioners in medicine the law, and the expanding field of bioethics. 

Author: Anne Zimmerman is an attorney with a master's degree in bioethics from Columbia University in New York, USA. She is the founder of modernbioethics.com, the Editor-in-Chief of Voices in Bioethics; and the Chair of the New York City Bar Association Bioethical Issues Committee, and Co-Chair and Co-Founder, Bioethics Forum of the Collaborative for Palliative Care.

Title: Medicine, Power, and the Law
Subtitle: Exploring a Pipeline to Injustice
Subject Classification: Bioethics, Law and Legal Ethics, Medicine and Medical Ethics
BIC Classification: PSAD, LATC, MBDC
Binding: Hardback, pp.(to be confirmed)
Publication date: August 2022
ISBN (printed book): 978-1-80441-020-2
ISBN (web pdf): 978-1-80441-021-9

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