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Native American Health: Then and Now

Title: Native American Health
Subtitle: Then and Now
Subject Classification: Healthcare, History, Race 
BIC Classification: JFSL9, HB, MBP 
THEMA Classification: JBSL11, NH, MBP, QDTM, JBCC1, NHK, 5PB-AU-A, 5PB-NZ-A, 5PB-US-E, 5PBA, 1KBB, 3MR
BISAC Classification: 
SOC022000, HIS036070, HEA017000
 Hardback, ebook, pp.390
Publication date:
 14th February 2024
ISBN (Hardback): 
ISBN (ebook):

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This narrative delves into the health and healing practices of indigenous tribes across the United States prior to the arrival of settlers through to the present day. Focused on physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual well-being, the book traces each tribe's origins and their current locations, shedding light on their economic and social issues today. The book explores the impact of interactions with settlers, explorers, and neighboring communities on the health of these tribes then and now.

Uniquely, it provides a comprehensive examination of traditional health and healing methods, addressing the repercussions of cultural interactions from early dealings to contemporary times. In a landscape where few works focus on the health aspects of individual tribes, this book stands out by offering a nuanced exploration of the diverse indigenous societies and their evolving health paradigms influenced by interactions with White culture.


Author: Dr. Sue Johnson is Principal & Founder of RN Innovations LLC; a professional development company, based in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


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