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The Future of Neurodiversity

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Title: The Future of Neurodiversity
Subject Classification: Psychology, Healthcare, Equality Diversity Inclusion 
BIC Classification: JM, JPVH
BISAC Classification: PSY022000, PSY031000, POL035010
Binding: Hardback, pp.(to be confirmed)
Planned Publication date: September 2025
ISBN (printed book): 978-1-80441-306-7
ISBN (web pdf): 978-1-80441-307-4

Price: £87.99

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Neurodiversity is a concept that describes the multitude of naturally occurring variations in the human nervous system. It accounts for the wide range of variation in human brains that are the result of an incredibly complex human genome. Neurodiversity supports the idea that not just one sort of brain or mind is normal. It is also an emerging cultural movement that seeks to include individuals who differ from the majority in terms of their neurological makeup and the resulting ways that they interact with the world around them. Many people who experience conditions like dyslexia, ADHD, autism, and synesthesia see themselves as neurodivergent and consider their neurologically based differences to be an integral part of identity.

This book, The Future of Neurodiversity, examines the short history of the neurodiversity movement. It explains what neurodiversity is and is not and goes on to discuss emerging controversies related to this important new way of viewing neurologically based differences. Neurodiversity has no official leaders or membership structure, but it does have some clear cornerstone beliefs that are shared by a majority of its members. Using methods from the field of futures studies the book looks at current trends and possible outcomes related to opposing views on matters that are important to those involved in the movement. These include the roles of the medical model and the human rights model, concerns related to diagnosis and access to the health care system, influence and control of the research agenda, and neurodiversity in education The book will also examine neurodiversity as an emerging culture.  Members of the neurodiversity community will be invited to review sections of the book and include their reflections and reactions in short sections at the ends of chapters. 


Author: Ken Gobbo is Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Landmark College, Putney VT, USA.


This title is currently being reviewed. Please check back for further updates in due course. 

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