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The Pedagogy of Business Schools

Title: The Pedagogy of Business Schools
Subject Classification: Education, Philosophy, Business and Management
BIC Classification: JNM, KJ, HP
BISAC Classification: BUS024000, EDU040000, PHI046000
Binding: Hardback, pp.266
Publication date: 1st August 2023
ISBN (printed book): 978-1-80441-232-9
ISBN (web pdf): 978-1-80441-233-6

Price: £79.99

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This book is a demonstration of how the interpretive phenomenology and hermeneutics of Hans Georg Gadamer can be applied to the study and practice of business pedagogy. The application of Existential Hermeneutic Phenomenology (EHP) uncovered underlying themes and essences that crossed internal pedagogical differences and debates within the Business Academy. This book has an implication for personal pedagogical practice as the essences uncovered by the research create indicators of action for professional educators. Also, the development of this form of Existential Hermeneutic Phenomenological demonstrates how the reflective techniques informed by Gadamer’s hermeneutics can be used to enhance the process of discursive exchange amongst key stakeholders in the evolution of Business pedagogy. 

There have been many books written on the principles and practices of business pedagogy but none have examined this from a phenomenological perspective. The book gives a suggested template in which the interpretive phenomenology of Gadamer can be used to conduct research into the themes and essences that underpin key relationships in this field. Books that examine this technique in other academic disciplines are also rare.


Author: Dr. Clayton Davies is Senior Lecturer, College of Business and Law, The University of the West of England, UK


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