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The Philosophy and Natural Theology of Religion

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Title: The Philosophy and Natural Theology of Religion
Subject Classification: Religion and Faith, Philosophy 
BIC Classification: HP, HRC
BISAC Classification: REL051000 , PHI022000, REL067000
Binding: Hardback, ebook, pp.(to be confirmed)
Planned Publication date: June 2024
ISBN (Hardback): 978-1-80441-680-8
ISBN (ebook): 978-1-80441-681-5


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This book is about the philosophy of religion, with strong scientific content from a theistic perspective. It looks at the origin and evolution of the religious impulse, with an emphasis on Plato and Aristotle. After looking at philosophical, ontological, and cosmological arguments for God’s existence, four chapters look at the religious significance of the Big Bang, abiogenesis, the complexity of DNA, and evolution.

It draws on social science and historical data in the evaluation of the atheistic alternative to theism, as well as the multiverse explanation as an alternative to the incredible fine-tuning parameters of our universe.  The final chapters take on significant theological issues such as the nature of sacred writings, the problem of evil, hell versus universal salvation, miracles, natural theology, the resurrection, and the Shroud of Turin.


Author: Professor Anthony Walsh is an Emeritus Professor at Boise State University, USA. He taught and researched there for more than 30 years.  He holds lifetime awards from two national organizations for his research, and has more than 50 books and over 150 articles/book chapters.


This title is currently being reviewed. Please check back for further updates in due course. 

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