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What Next for Africa’s Higher Education?: What Should Follow the Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA 2016-2025)

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Title: What Next for Africa’s Higher Education?
Subtitle: What Should Follow the Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA 2016-2025)
Subject Classification: African Studies, Education 
BIC Classification: HBJH, JNM
BISAC Classification: SOC008010, EDU015000, EDU034000
Binding: Hardback, ebook, pp.(to be confirmed)
Planned Publication date: October 2024
ISBN (printed book): 978-1-80441-569-6
ISBN (web pdf): 978-1-80441-570-2


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The African Union Commission, as part of its strategic agenda for the continent of Africa (Agenda 2063) carved out the Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA 2016-2025). This 10-year strategic plan for Africa’s higher education ends in 2025. This collection is a review of the gains made, and a critique of the strategy since its inception in 2016, with its aim to proffer workable initiatives for the African higher education space post-2025. Topics addressed include: Technology and how it will shape Africa’s higher education post-2025; African Cultural perspectives; contextualising African education; and the 21st century skills and attributes required as outcomes from higher education in Africa.

Key audiences include Higher Education researchers and managers in Africa and beyond; the Association of African Universities (the implementing body of the CESA),  policy makers with an interest in Africa’s’ higher education, and multinational bodies including the UN, the European Union, and the African Union Commission. 


Editor: Dr. Fred Awaah is a member of the Faculty of Management Studies - University of Professional Studies, Accra, Ghana, and President of The Awaah Research Foundation.


This title is currently being reviewed. Please check back for further updates in due course. 

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